Glade Expressions Collection

I love Glade Products, so I was excited to be able to try out their 2 newest products on the market---Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser (as part of a Bzz Agent Campaign)!
I love the unique look of the fragrance mist. It is artsy but not over the top at the same time. I put this in my upstairs bathroom for a refresher mist when I need it. I don't need a constant barrage of scent in that bathroom due to us taking showers, etc. in that bathroom. But it is nice to have a decorative bottle for when I do want to spray some air scent in the bathroom. I found that just 2 squeezes releases just enough scent for the bathroom without being overpowering.
The oil diffuser was something I was so excited to try as it gives me a decorative air freshener for my small downstairs bathroom without making it feel cluttered. I have a TINY downstairs half bath and it is overpowered with a built in cabinet above the toilet and a wood panelled wall. The oil diffuser fit perfectly on the back of the toilet and gave the bathroom that finished touch. I chose the pineapple and mangosteen diffuser and the smell is DIVINE! It seriously smells so good! I was afraid that it wouldn't last very long but it is going strong over a month later.
When I opened the package for the oil diffuser I was intimidated by the parts but in the end it was really simple to put together.
Overall, I am VERY pleased with Glade's New Expressions Collection! I love my oil diffuser and the pineapple and mangosteen scent is Heavenly!
Disclaimer: I received coupons for free product as part of a BzzAgent campaign in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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