Johnsonville Sausage Company= GREAT customer service!

I will admit it. I like to get stuff in the mail. I sign up for free samples that I know that the family will use. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't. I also have been known to sign up to host parties where you get a chance to try new products and share them with your friends.

A couple months ago, I saw an opportunity to sign up to host a Johnsonville Cajun party. I signed up and didn't think anything about it. I apparently got an email saying that I was selected to receive a package, but I never did so I thought there was an error. Not a big deal.

Fast forward to today:

UPS knocks on the door with a package for me that contained this:

In it was a letter from Johnsonville, saying that they were sorry for the confusion and that THEIR system generated acceptance emails to an additional 10,000 participants than the 1,000 that was supposed to be registered. However, they were able to get kits that were almost identical to the first 1,000 sent to all those who received the email saying that they were enrolled, because they strive to do the right thing to their customers.

In the kit, there were several free product coupons (including one for Johnsonville sausage), an apron, a reusable shopping bag, measuring spoons, a can of red gold tomatoes, a bottle of Louisiana Hot sauce, mardi gras beads and masks, a flexible cutting board and a shopping list pad, as well as recipe booklets.

How is that for customer service?!? They did not have to send kits. They could have just said too bad. But they didn't.

To me that is why I will stay a Johnsonville Sausage customer.

Disclaimer: I was sent this kit free, however they did not require any publicity or blog posts for it. I just wanted to write this out of my own opinion for a company that I believe went above and beyond.


  1. Oh nice!!! :) That must have been a great surprise!


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