Spring Soccer began today....

It is that time of year again....I become a "Soccer Mom" for the next 2 months.

YMCA Spring Soccer for Rebecca officially began this morning.

First she had to have her team picture taken.

Then they got to practice and play their first game as the "White Polar Bears." 

The temperature was COLD and WINDY but the sun was shining and it was good.

Jacob was cold and hungry, so we had to break out the goldfish snacks before the game even began.

Benjamin did not like the sun or the wind being in his face. So we moved to the other side of the field where the wind was coming from behind and put a blanket over his stroller like a tent and he was a much happier camper.

Rebecca was chosen as the player to start the game by kicking the ball. :)

Rebecca had a lot of fun and it is so neat watching her growing up and experiencing new things.

The "White Polar Bears" won the game and I had a happy, but tired little girl on my hands.

Do your children play sports?


  1. Soccer is fun :) We decided to wait till summer because it feels like we already have too much going on :)

  2. My daughter played soccer from the age of 4 to 9 but all the practices and games during the week just got to be too much! She had a blast when she was Rebeccas age but it just got so competitive as she got older.

  3. Your kids are all so stinking cute!

    My oldest is in gymnastics, but no group sports yet. Maybe this summer!


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