My HUGE to-do list

The past few weeks have been crazy busy....with work, trying to find time to start a 5K training program, softball for Rebecca...etc....That also means that the house really hasn't had more than a slight cleaning up and it is showing.

My plan for today was to go to the grocery store this morning, but then it FINALLY decided to rain (hopefully bringing in cooler temperatures!) so I figured we can go 1 more day before I have to go. Granted our fridge and freezer are pretty bare but we can make due until tomorrow morning.

For I am taking this as a sign that the house needs to get cleaned this morning. So on my agenda this morning consists of:

clean the downstairs bathroom
     -clean and sanitize toilet
     -clean and sanitize potty training seat
     -sweep floor
      -empty trash
      -clean sink area and hang fresh towel
      -clean up floor near sink
clean mudroom
      -clear off tops of bins and put things away where they belong
      -take inventory of pantry
      -sweep floor
clean up dining room
      -clean off table
       -sweep floors
       -clean up any toys
clean up desk area
       -this is a disaster area, just needs things purged, put away and filed
clean up living room
       -toys need to be sorted back into bins
       -straighten up bookcases
       -clean out from underneath sofa and chairs to find missing toys
      -I have 3 baskets full of clean folded clothes that need to be put away
      -beds need made

I took before pictures, but can't find my camera cord--think it is piled under all the junk on the desk---
Hopefully tonight I will be back with the before and after pictures!

Wish me luck!

What is on your to-do list today?


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