Ear infection, chicken pox, life, etc.

It has been a while since I have updated this here blog. Life has happened and it kept getting pushed to the wayside....

Here are a few highlights of what has been keeping me busy...
  • we have been dealing with softball practices and games
  • Jacob getting a high fever and being diagnosed with an ear infection,
  • allergies affecting Benjamin
  • Jacob coming down with a rash that started on his feet (we thought it was hand, foot and mouth disease at first)
  • Benjamin coming down with the same type of rash as Jacob (starting at his feet, then moving up to his butt)
  • Figuring out that it was NOT hand, foot and mouth disease but rather chicken pox. The boys have had the vaccine, but apparently they can still get it. They were unknowingly (by us) exposed to it at one of Rebecca's softball games by a brother of one of her teammates, whom Jacob was sharing a ball with and sitting right next to and playing with. (the same little boy who was being sent to school for 2 weeks with the rash, without his parents telling the school!)
  • Because of said chicken pox, the boys have been quarantined in the house for about a week.
  • The house has been cleaned from top to bottom and sanitized
  • It has been Catholic Schools week at my daughter's school, meaning she has had to dress to the theme of the day, which means more thought and figuring out hair and outfits.
  • September 21 was a hard day for me as it is the anniversary of the birth into Heaven of our son 5 years ago. I just did not feel like blogging that day!
It has been a crazy month!  Thankfully the boys seem to be on the mend. Softball tournaments are this weekend, then fall ball is over. And I can start working on the party months (October is Jacob's birthday, November is Rebecca's birthday and Christmas is in December!)

What has been going on in your life?


  1. Wishing much peace around your Heaven baby. I don't feel like doing anything on our anniversary, and it has been 6 years.


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