Summer Bucket List Final Check-in

At the beginning of the summer, I made a summer family bucket list that listed things that I wanted to do with our family. I was doing this as a way to be intentional with how we spent our time over the summer and not just end up watching TV and lounging around. Well it is now September 6-- AFTER LABOR DAY, so after the end of I thought I would do a check-in to see how we did and what did we accomplish!
2013 Summer Family Bucket List

Visit the Zoo-DONE!

Wash the car/van by hand with the kids' help-DONE!

Play at the park at least once every 2 weeks--DONE!

Have a picnic on a blanket on the grass-- Nope--although we did have at least 3 picnics on picnic tables at the park.

Go to Chuck E. Cheese---DONE!

Catholic Kidz Camp for Rebecca (Vacation Bible School)---DONE! She had a blast!

Make Smores in the sun--NOPE

Pick strawberries---DONE!

Eat lunch on the porch---NOPE

Play tag in the yard--NOPE

Go to the library at least once every 2 weeks--DONE!.

Attend the Knox County Fair--DONE!

Go to Ye Olde Mill for Ice Cream--NOPE

Mini golf --NOPE, partly because there is not a mini golf place anywhere near us :(

Go to the Children's Garden---DONE

Take Rebecca to the movies--NOPE

Watch fireworks on the 4th of July---DONE, wasn't on the 4th, but the night of the 3rd when our town had theirs.
Overall not too bad! I am happy with the things that we accomplished this summer. I feel that it was a very more intentional summer and that is a good thing! :)

Now I need to look ahead to fall and see what I want to accomplish before the cold weather hits.

Did you have a good summer?


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