Decluttering begins! Tackled the boys room!

The decluttering bug has hit our house. We just have TOO MUCH STUFF!!! There are potentially changes coming within the next year so the time is NOW to get rid of stuff. I have a huge list of areas that need to be decluttered and I have a timeline in my head on when I would like to have things done by. 

Basically, EVERY area of our home needs to be decluttered! I am just going to systematically go through room by room until I am done. I kind of am giving myself a deadline of September 1 to be done with the top floor and the main living floor of our house. That would leave the basement and the garage...

Maybe I am in over my head, but we just have way too much stuff. 

So without hesitation...I decided to tackle the boys' room yesterday as I found that I had the afternoon off and the humidity wasn't too bad upstairs (we had a small break in the humidity- it was still hot but not humid!). The boys have WAY too many stuffed animals and toys all over the place. Benjamin literally has about 20 stuffed animals on his bed.

So I worked in their room about 1.5 hours and it is so much cleaner now and with so much LESS stuff. When Jacob came upstairs to see his room, he exclaimed: "This is so cool!" 

I was able to get 3 HUGE trash bags full and a bin full of clothes and toys out of their room! 

Then since I was in a decluttering mood, I decided to start tackling the closet of doom off of the bathroom. I have blogged about this closet before and sadly it is back to looking bad and being a catchall. I set my alarm for 30 minutes to see what I could accomplish and I got some done. At least I can walk in there now! 

Have you been decluttering? 


  1. Decluttering is addictive! I am trying to get rid of at least 40 items a month. So far it is working but I think maybe I need to get rid of at least 50 things just to make a dent in this mess.


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