Monday, July 25, 2016

Carb Cycling Menu Plan for this week

Earlier today I mentioned the new diet plan that I am following... CARB CYCLING.


After 1 week on the diet I am down 6.2 pounds, so I will be sticking with it. After 1 week, I have also learned that I need to make out a menu plan so that I am not going to store every day for fresh veggies and that I am not scrambling to come up with something to eat. 

So I am have made a menu plan for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week. And acceptable snacks as well. 

So to remind everyone, I am following a diet that consists of cycling low carb and high carb days and Sunday is a free day.

So here is my menu plan for this week: 


BREAKFAST:: Low sugar protein bar and banana
LUNCH:: Leftover steak and veggies
DINNER:: Whole chicken in the crockpot, green beans and cherry tomatoes (kids will also have carrots)


BREAKFAST:: scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, turkey bacon, banana
LUNCH:: 1/2 leftover baked potato with cheese and turkey bacon, sliced fruit (apple) 
DINNER:: Spaghetti with meat sauce and salad


BREAKFAST:: scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, turkey bacon, banana
LUNCH:: Salad with boiled egg and ham, ranch dressing
DINNER:: Turkey smoked sausage, salad, veggies (Macaroni and cheese as a side for the kids) 


BREAKFAST:: Protein bar and banana
LUNCH:: Pita sandwich with low carb pita, turkey, spinach and cabbage, cucumber and a pickle
DINNER:: Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, steamed green beans, sliced tomato and cucumbers


BREAKFAST:: fried eggs, sliced tomato, turkey bacon
LUNCH:: Leftover grilled chicken and veggies
DINNER:: Pizza for kids, italian style salad for Dear Hubby and I. 


BREAKFAST:: eggs, bacon, fruit
LUNCH:: Tuna salad sandwich with lettuce, pickle, carrots
DINNER:: Fish from freezer, veggies 


LUNCH:: ???
DINNER:: ???

SNACKS:: string cheese, cheese sticks, walnuts, unsalted peanuts, raw veggies

So there you have it. Our menu plan for this week! I feel we can follow this and enjoy our eating and not get too monotonous in our food choices. I will be making a trip to the farm market mid week to replenish our fresh veggies. The obstacles I see this week are we are supposed to go to our county fair one afternoon and our state fair one day. But last year we did that and I ate like crap and I felt like crap so I don't see us eating really anything at the fairs.

So wish me luck! 

Any ideas for future meals that I can 
incorporate into our menu plan? 



  1. I like this meal plan idea with carb rotation. I also prep all veggies the day I bring them home from the market, makes life easier on cooking days. Good luck with the weight loss!

  2. From what I'm seeing, I love this plan! It certainly looks do-able to me! Good luck! And congrats on the quick loss already!!!


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