Ghost crabs and beach and pool time

The beach is good for the soul! I truly believe that and I find that I feel at home when I am near the water. 

So being in Indian Beach, was refreshing and uplifting to my soul! 

The first full day we were there, Monday, July 11, we decided to just hang out on the beach and in the condo complex that we were staying in. 

After breakfast, we all got changed into swimsuits, slathered on sunscreen, gathered towels and beach toys and headed down to the beach. We were greeted by the sounds of waves and by Rebecca exclaiming that there was something moving in the sand. 

It was 2 huge ghost crabs. One quickly buried itself in the sand while the other took off across the sand and my husband chased after it while I got the kids settled and towels laid out. 

All the kids were excited to get the beach toys out and dig in the sand. Rebecca was determined to make a sand castle. Jacob was the first to get bored and head to the water, with Rebecca following shortly after. 

Benjamin decided to stay on the sand and have me bury him! He thought it was hilarious. 

We stayed on the beach for several hours, before heading in to shower, eat lunch and relax for a bit. 

Around dinner time, we decided to try the little restaurant/snack bar that is in the condo complex. The food was snack bar types..I think Ben had french fries, Bill had nachos and I think the kids had popcorn chicken and fries. I wasn't hungry. 

After dinner, we went out to go swimming in the pool. They have 3 large pools spread over the complex and there is a fenced off kiddie pool that we took Benjamin to, as it is only 1 foot deep in all areas. Bill took Jacob and Rebecca to the adjacent big pool. Benjamin had fun with his new pool toys (rings that you throw and then get underwater) and loved the pool! 

After swimming, we got the kids ice cream to take back to the condo and to get ready for bed. 

The kids loved their bedroom setup-- Ben got his own twin bed and Rebecca and Jacob shared the bunk bed-- Rebecca on top and Jacob on the bottom bunk. 

After the kids were in bed, my hubby, sister and I played cards. (In fact we did this every night except the first and last nights). We played Rummy and ate chips and cheese! I am happy to say that I won! 

After cards, we all went to bed, extremely happy due to our great day at the beach!  

If you are interested in more vacation recap here is:

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