Different experiences at the BMV


This year both my husband and I have to get our drivers licenses renewed. Hubby's was due for renewal back in May, and mine is due for renewal in July.

Well hubby went to the local BMV a week before his license expired to get it renewed and he was there for 2 hours and came home with no license. Apparently there was a block on his license from the state of Pennsylvania. My husband has never lived in Pennsylvania. Of note is that there was a block 8 years ago when he was trying to get his license renewed and all the BMV had to do was call Pennsylvania and they compared his birthday and said it wasn't him and lifted the block. 4 years ago there was no problem getting his license renewed. Now there is. 

To make a long story short, he ended up at the BMV 3 different times for probably a total of 5+ hours, had to call Pennsylvania BMV himself, had to send a certified and notarized letter to Pennsylvania with his birth certificate, social security card, and 2 forms of id, had to wait for them to mail him a letter saying it was not him, then take that letter back to BMV where they had to fax it to Columbus and get a reference number, before he was FINALLY able to get his license renewed. It was a HUGE hassle. 

Well this morning found me at the local BMV to get things taken care of for me. I needed to get a title put into my name for a van that my parents gifted to me. I needed to transfer the title for our old car that we sold my brother into his name AND I needed to get my license renewed. I figured I would be gone most of the morning...Oh, did I mention I also had all 3 kids with me? 

Well....my experience was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than my husbands. I got everything done in 23 minutes! I think that that is an all time record. LOL  My hubby said it was because I was pretty and that those who worked at the BMV were uglist and just didn't like him. LOL 

I don't know what it was, I am just glad that it got taken care of and that is one less thing on my to-do list. 


  1. Wow! What a nightmare for your husband. Grrr! I hope you kept copies of everything sent to PA and everything you later received back. The fact that this is a repeat issue, cautions me to believe that it'll happen again. : (
    Glad your multiple transactions were super fast!


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