Getting crafty!

On Sunday Rebecca walked in our town's Christmas parade with her American Heritage Girls troop. The theme for this year's parade was "An Old Fashioned Christmas." So the girls decided to just dress old fashioned with long skirts, capes and bonnets. Instead of buying items, we decided to make do with what we had and to make the items instead. 

I had a plaid fleece blanket that we have had downstairs in our basement never used for over 2 years that I knew I could convert to a cape. A friend posted a photo on Facebook of a bonnet that she had made using cereal boxes and duct tape. I asked my sister to help as she is an art therapy student and she came over on Friday to help Rebecca make her bonnet. The things that you can make with a cereal box, duct tape, a wire hanger, felt and ribbon. 

On Saturday night, I made Rebecca's cape and using another cereal box made a muff for her as well. I think they turned out really cute! 

Rebecca was happy with it and no money out of my pocket! Win, win in my book! 


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