Friday, October 15, 2021

Choir concerts and more from this week

Happy Friday night everyone! Hope everyone's had a good week. We have been busy around here (as usual 😂). Let's see what's been going on around here....

Monday was a super busy day. It was Jacob's official birthday! I took the kids to school, put a load of laundry in, and then went to work at a new to me school. This school reminded me of my old elementary school that I attended from 1st-5th grades. I worked on packing breakfast bags, wrapping cheeseburgers, and serving lunches! Then it was time to start school pickups. I picked up Jacob and Rebecca. Then picked up Benjamin while Jacob did his homework. Then took Jacob to his community choir practice. Picked him up. We went through McDonald's drive thru for dinner.

Came home, ate dinner, Jacob got ready for his first official 6th grade choir concert, and off we went for his choir concert. The 6th grade choir did really well and Jacob was super stoked for his concert.

After his concert, we stopped by Wendy's on the way home to get Frostys. We ended the day with the kids being able to talk to their Florida grandparents on the phone. I think Jacob had a really good day! 

Tuesday, I went to the grocery store. I then had an IEP meeting for Benjamin. There is a good possibility that this will be the last year that he will need to have speech therapy! Jacob was thrilled because his new tennis shoes that were a birthday gift from my sister and her girlfriend arrived in the mail. He picked them out himself! 

Wednesday, I worked at the high school washing, drying, bagging in individual bags, and snapping the bags closed for 10 cases of apples. There were almost 1,000 apples. It was crazy. My boss was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get it done in 3.5 hours. I don't want to see any 🍎 any time soon! LOL

Yesterday, we had a 504 meeting at the middle school for Jacob. This is for his vision issues. It was nice to meet his teachers and his guidance counselor. They all said what a nice kid Jacob is and how they enjoy having him in their classes. After that meeting, Bill came home to mow the grass and I attacked our game closet. The boys had made it a disaster. I sorted games and pieces, etc. I got a large pile of preschool games together for donations since I am not babysitting anymore and my kids are too old for them. It looks so much better in there now! 

Last night, we attended Rebecca's very first choir concert of her high school career. She is part of the women's chorus at the high school. They sounded absolutely wonderful! They ended their concert with a combined piece with the Chorale and the Women's Chorus. I am so excited to see what her high school music career is going to be like. 

Today, the kids had off school for a teacher in service day. Since I am a sub cook, I did not have to go in for the food service in service day. Instead, I took the kids to Walmart to spend their gift cards that Bill's parents had sent them. I also let the boys pick out Halloween costumes and I got them a couple of pairs of pants as our temperatures are supposed to be cooler starting tomorrow. Other than that I haven't really done much of anything today. 

This weekend, I need to get some cleaning done in the bathrooms. I actually have kept laundry caught up this week by washing a load before I leave in the morning and throwing it in the dryer when I get back home before I pick the kids up from school. Sunday, I have to attend my nephew's baptism. My dad asked me to be Ethan's Godmother and of course I said yes. So we will have that to celebrate! What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun fall activities going on? 


  1. I need to look for ghosts tomorrow. Then, it will be time for a bit of decluttering. Doing laundry the way you are is the only way with kids and a job. There can be no laundry day because there is never a jam-packed day. The kids look great. Rebecca is looking so grown.

  2. No activities to speak of here. Our kids were off yesterday too for in-service, which is interesting, as typically they have had these either before, or at the end of the year or term. The week after next will see three half days for parent-teacher conferences. These were typically days off as well. I am not sure why the teachers voted on this calendar, but I'm sure they have their reasons.
    I *LOVE* your before and after photos, so thank you. Also, I've said this before, but those floors are beautiful!

  3. Isn't live music again a wonderful thing? I'm so glad to see the choir pictures. Well done on the game closet.

  4. Lots going on over there. Sounds like Jacob had a great birthday! And how fun to get to go to all those concerts. I've been so happy to have the marching band season back this fall (though it is too fast coming to an end, just one more competition and parade to go. Last football game performance was last week). Hope this week has been great for you so far!