Mommysavers--Forget the Joneses Bootcamp Day 1

Okay so I have decided that 2009 is a year when we are going to take control of our finances. I have found an awesome program that I am hoping to follow that will allow me to get a jumpstart on this. I belong to the website... This is an AWESOME website for tips on saving money, living simply, getting deals, etc. everything a mom could want. For the next 6 weeks, the mommysavers site is hosting a bootcamp called Forget the Joneses.

Today was day 1 of the program. For day 1 we are supposed to begin a 21 day spending freeze. If we have to spend money it it supposed to be from an approved spending list that we make. Today's assignment was to make the approved spending here goes:

Approved spending:
new vacuum (ours died yesterday)--bought today at Target
fresh fruit and veggies
meat (if it is less than 1.99 a lb)
lunch meat
$10 a week discretionary money for DH to use. (today he used it on lunch for us at McDonalds)
apple juice for Rebecca

I am excited and nervous to start this...I really want to gain control of our finances and just learn to live simply.

Today was okay. We went to Target to get the vacuum and got cereal, and goldfish for Rebecca too. These were needs and not wants. Then we went to Walgreens to pick up Christmas pictures that I had ordered. I had gotten them for 10cents each and I had a $5 off your order coupon, so for 60 pictures I paid $1.30 with tax! Yay! ( I know this wasn't on my approved list but I was supposed to pick them up 2 days ago)...Today I did cook dinner at home- Bill didn't want to go his parents or my parents for dinner. So we battered fish, green beans, rice pilaf and fresh pears ( I used these up before they went bad ! YAY!) Hoping to continue on a forward path.


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