Bettering myself:

Well today I had another day at home-- couldn't get the car out. There is ice under the tires...we tried for 45 minutes and it was a no go. Ugg. I hate Ohio weather. The good news is I got a ton done in the house and that makes me feel good! I did some decluttering in toys and dressers and I cleaned the bathroom and did a ton more stuff. It feels so good to be productive. I feel better about myself when I am productive.

Dinner Tale:

I made Rebecca Dora spaghettios and she gobbled them up...

I made myself 2 scrambled eggs, toast, cantalope, and apple juice.


  1. I hate weather too! I know how it is to get stuck. BLAHH!!

    LOL, I'm glad Rebecca enjoyed her spaghettios!! And your breakfast as dinner sounds so good right now!!

  2. I love your blog! Your little girl sounds like quite a character. :) Don't you just love when you make the right thing for dinner and they just gobble it up!


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