31 Day exercise challenge: Day 1

So I thought I would get up at 7am before the kids and work out....

Well I didn't.....

I woke up when Bill woke up for work around 8 or so and then went back to sleep and woke up around 8:45 or so and Rebecca was awake. So much for that. I did weigh myself first thing and I DID NOT like the number on the scale. I knew that I had gained some of the weight I had lost back...but I didn't think that I had gained it ALL back.

So my starting weight today is:... 220 lbs. **GROAN**

Did I mention I DID NOT LIKE this number on the scale!!!!

Well after I weighed myself, got the kids breakfast, and put on some workout clothes, I decided to do the Leslie Sansone: Walk Off 10 Pounds dvd that I borrowed from the library. (I decided not to buy any workout dvds to save money. Instead I will borrow them from the library (they are 14 day loans) and then if I find one that I love, then I may decide to buy it as a reward.)

This dvd gives you the option to do a 1, 2, or 3 mile walk. The 1 mile walk takes about 20 minutes, the 2 mile walk takes about 35 minutes and the 3 mile walk takes about 45 minutes. I decided to just give it my all and see how far I could go. I will tell you that after the first 20 minutes I was sweaty but not really feeling anything. After 2 miles, I just decided to go for the 3 miles. At about 2.5 miles I was tired, but I kept going and I did the whole dvd. I really liked this workout!  And it was cute that Rebecca did a lot of the workout with me, while Jacob was running around playing.

So Day 1 exercise wise was a success. YAY!

Diet wise I did okay. I have decided to keep track on paper what I eat and especially what I am feeling when I am snacking. I am finding that I have to keep myself busy in order for me to not to snack in the afternoon. It really is the snacking in the afternoon and late evening that has brought me to this problem. Hopefully I can fix that! (Not this month, but in a different month. I am just writing down my eating habits now so that I can analyze them and see how I have been doing.)

I also wanted to do no eating after 9pm this month...and it is now 10 pm and I haven't eaten anything since 8:30. I am drinking diet coke, but am not eating anything! So I can call that a success as well! YAY!

So I would call day 1 a success!

Are you joining in? How did day 1 go for you?


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