I guess I just don't understand....

On Sunday morning, my sister-in-law gave birth to my new nephew at a hospital about 5 minutes from my house. (actually she gave birth in the van on the way to the hospital, but that is a different story). My mom was taking care of my brother and sister-in-laws other 2 children at their trailer about 20 minutes away. That night Bill, the kids and I went up to see my brother, sis-in-law and new nephew--who is adorable by the way!. I didn't think anything about my parents not visiting them or anything. I just assumed that they had.

Well yesterday my mom stopped by my house and she went to pick up Jacob and commented on how heavy he was getting. I said that he is definitely a lot heavier than her new grandson. She said that she wouldn't know because she hadn't seen or held the baby yet! She had been too busy. WHAT??!!!?????

I don't understand. No matter what you think about the decisions your son and daughter in law have made you still need to show your love and support. So you don't agree with their decision to have a 3rd child when they can't afford to take care of their other 2. Does that mean you punish your grandchild by not visiting or even seeing him? I know there are some issues going on between my brother and my dad, but that should not stop someone from seeing their new grandchild.  And as for being too busy, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are back at home. They live less than 1 mile up the road from my parent's house.

I guess I just don't understand.


  1. First off...congrats on your inpending arrival!

    Second...My MIL doesn't like me all that much. So she ignores my kids. She hasn't seen them in 2 years. She can travel all over the place for pleasure...but not to come see her grandkids and her son.

    Family doesn't surprise me one bit.


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