My way vs Their way---whole wheat spaghetti

Yesterday I wrote about my big revelation that I don't have to do things the way that other bloggers and families do them as some things just don't work for my family.

Last night at dinner was the PERFECT example of how this has been playing out in our household.

I made spaghetti. One of my husband's all time favorite meals that I make (and one of the first meals I made for him when we were dating).

After sitting down to eat, he took a couple bites.

Then the conversation went like this:

Him: "Is this wheat spaghetti?"
Me: "Why?"
Him: "It tastes funny and not like your spaghetti."
Me: "Yes, it is wheat spaghetti. I bought it because it was cheaper with coupons than the regular spaghetti and it is supposed to be healthier for you. And just so you know over the last year I have been making the spaghetti with half regular and half wheat. I just ran out of regular spaghetti."
Him: "I noticed that something was different, but I figured that you bought a different brand. AND Honey, next time please spend the extra $0.50 and get the regular spaghetti. I like it much better. And we eat pretty healthy when you cook. You don't have to follow every health trend."

So there is goes. I know that many bloggers are touting the benefits of eating whole wheat pasta which makes eating pasta more healthy. But in this instance, whole wheat spaghetti is NOT working for our family. So I will be going back to making regular spaghetti per my husband's request. And I am okay with that.

This is just one way we are going to go back to doing it MY way versus their way!


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