There is a reason I have been MIA....

Over the last several weeks, I have abandoned this blog, except for the occasional menu plan posting. This is not being done on purpose. I have a reason for being Missing in action here on the blog....

As some of you who are friends of mine on facebook know, I am pregnant! This pregnancy has been a MAJOR unplanned surprise!

It has also been a major headache when it comes to my health.I have been EXHAUSTED, nauseous all day and all night long, and just tired. I have had several doctors appointments due to bleeding. I was in the ER one night and put on 3 days bed rest because of a "threatened miscarriage." which is basically all the symptoms of a miscarriage but baby is fine. In fact during the ultrasound that night, the baby was dancing!

I am at the 12 week mark today! And honestly the last 2 days I have felt better than I have in the last 2 months. I have only been nauseous in the morning and I haven't been as tired. So hopefully this means that the first trimester sickness is lessening.

However, we are still not completely in the clear. While they were doing the u/s at the ER, they discovered a large fibroid that needs to be monitoring and may be the cause of the bleeding. (In 2008, I had a stillbirth at 20 weeks that may have been caused by the placenta attaching to a fibroid).  I still need to take it easy and monitor the bleeding. I notice if I do a ton, or if I am on my feet for a long time, that I start bleeding a little. So I have to take it easy, which for me is hard, especially with my work schedule (if any one has any ideas how to take it easy while watching 30-40 school age kids in an after school care program, please give me some suggestions!), with Rebecca and Jacob, keeping up the house, etc. I am trying though!

So that is the reason that I have been MIA! I hope that I can get back into blogging regularly, especially if I have some energy now. :)


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