Keeping your opinion to yourself when you are in someone else's home....

On Saturday we held Jacob's 2nd birthday party here at OUR house. (He won't be 2 until Tuesday, but we had his party early). Well we had a nice turnout.

There was just one downside.

During the party, my in-laws (mother-in-law and father-in-law) basically were bombarding my hubby with questions about whether this baby will be our last baby. They basically are all under the belief that 3 is actually too many children. That we are being irresponsible by having another. That we don't have room or the finances to take care of 3 children, etc. My hubby mentioned that there may be a possibility of me having my tubes tied or of him having a vasectomy because we are on the fence about whether we want any more children or not. He said that he may have the vasectomy since they are easier to reverse if we decide to try for more in a few years. Well that was NOT acceptable to my Mother-in-law. She would not drop the subject. She basically INSISTED that this be our last child and that was the law.

The more I think about it the more I am infuriated by her comments. How dare she come into OUR house and act like she is boss? It is not any of her business how many children Bill and I have. It is not her decision to make. It is ours. I wouldn't be as angry if we were at her house and she had said these things. But she was in OUR house at her 2 year old grandson's birthday party non-the-less. Her 2 year old grandson whom she pretty much ignored the entire time that she was here. (But that is another issue for another time...).

Hubby would like to write them a letter telling them that they had no right to tell us what to do. That we are adults capable of making our own decisions for OUR family and to basically butt out. I am not sure what to do?


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