9/11 from a Kindergartner's perspective

Today, as usual, after Rebecca ate dinner she went off to color. As her Dad and I were sitting talking, she came up to me with a picture that she had drawn and told me that she wanted to tell me a story that her teacher had told her today.

She proceeded to tell me how "Once Upon a Time there were two large buildings called towers. One day a plane crashed into one tower, causing it to have a break in it. It fell to the ground. Then another plane crashed into the other tower and it fell to the ground. The people who got out went to another building for safety. But a lot of people died because the planes crashed into them. Today there are waterfalls in the buildings. But it didn't happen in our town. And the story was sad. And it was a true story.Oh and there was a flag on top of one of the towers."

I will say that I teared up as she was telling me this. I remember where I was and the fear. I hope and pray that my children never have to experience the terror and fear that we experienced on that day 11 years ago.


  1. I teared up reading that.

    I live about a little over an hour outside of NYC. When it all happened, I remember the fear....while I didn't know anyone personally in the towers, I do know people in the Pentagon (they were all ok). When we drive "home" we can see the NYC skyline. It was weird the first time we drove past and couldn't see the towers anymore.


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