A few of my favorite things

Life as Mom posted a collection of her favorite things the other day, and that has inspired me to share with you some of my favorite things.

This curio cabinet was the first piece of furniture that Bill and I bought together. We each brought most of our furniture together from our respective apartments when we moved in together. This was our first official couple purchase.

This afghan was crocheted by my Grandma Rose. I remember it laying on the back of her couch at her home. I would cover up with it when I was a little girl. When she died, I asked for it. Now it is on the back of my couch.

This is a photograph of Bill proposing to me. We didn't bring our camera to the baseball game. However a lawyer sitting in front of us had his and offered to take our picture and mail it to us. It was such a sweet gesture and makes for a great memento of that day.

My collection of Nicholas Sparks books. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. These are books that I read over and over and he is the only author that I will pay full price for his books when they come out.

And finally, these 2 stuffed animals. The little doggy was left for me one day outside my apartment with a dozen roses and a card by Bill when we were dating. And the teddy bear is a Vermont Teddy Bear that was "delivered" to me on our first Valentine's Day while I was teaching a class of 1st and 2nd graders. It was so thoughtful of Bill.

So there you have it, some of my favorite things. What are some of your favorite things?


  1. So sweet. I haven't read any of the Nicolas Sparks books, I think I need to !! And what a nice gesture for the lawyer to mail you the picture. My favourite things are little notes my boyfriend leaves for me around the house. I collect them all up and put them in a keepsake box.

    1. That is so sweet too! I have all the cards and notes that Bill ever gave me too while we were dating. It is a trip down memory lane to look through them! :)


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