Benjamin's Baptism

I am Catholic, Bill was raised Lutheran, but does not practice any particular religion right now. However, we have decided to raise our children Catholic, meaning they are baptized in the Catholic church, they will go to Catholic school from K-8 grades and they will receive the Catholic sacraments (much to the chagrin of Bill's side of the family).

We had Benjamin baptized on Sunday, which also happened to be the day he turned 5 months old! It was a lovely ceremony. (I don't have any pics of the ceremony itself as I forgot to give my camera to someone to use). Benjamin was smiling at Father throughout. It was so sweet. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends who agreed to be Benjamin's Godparents.

Bill, Benjamin and I with Father and Benjamin's Godparents.

After his Baptism, we invited everyone back to our house for a party.

Benjamin's Baptism cake (not bad for decorating it at 1am the morning of)

There was lots of food and cake.

There was lots of laughs and good conversation.

We tired him out! Sleeping in Grandpa's arms.

It was truly a day of blessing and friendship!


  1. Congratulations on such a special day in your life!


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