Rebecca's Catholic School's Week Festivities

My daughter attends a Catholic school. This past week they celebrated Catholic Schools week. I remember growing up this meant being out of uniform for the week as we got into the spirit of the week. Rebecca's school is no different. This week each day had festivities associated with the day.

Monday there was NO SCHOOL as the teachers had an inservice retreat.

Tuesday was "mismatch day" and Bring a Friend to breakfast day. Rebecca took her Daddy to breakfast with her.

Wednesday was dress as your favorite book character day. In the afternoon, the spent time reading with their school buddies (Rebecca's Kindergarten class has buddies in the 7th grade!). Rebecca chose to dress up as Snow White.

Thursday was a uniform day with a field trip to the town square to take non-perishable food items for Interchurch Social Services. I love how the school is even teaching the youngest ones about service to others less fortunate. Unfortunately they were not able to go on the field trip due to rain, however they were able to meet the director of Interchurch and give her the food to take to the poor.

Friday was school spirit day! The students were to dress in the school colors of blue and gold. Rebecca is blessed to have an aunt (graduated) and uncle (currently in 7th grade) who attend/ed her school, so she has a couple sports shirts that have been passed down to her from them! She wore her basketball shirt!

I think Rebecca had a great week of dressing differently each day.

Does your school do a spirit week? What are some of their themed days?


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