The Sandal Artist by Pelley (and a bonus picture from my daughter!)

I LOVE the fact that my children love to read and to be read to. I am always on the lookout for new books that I think that they will enjoy.

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to find out that I had won a book giveaway from Curious City

I received the beautifully illustrated The Sandal Artist by Kathleen T. Pelley and illustrated by Losi Rosio Sprague.

From the inside flap cover:

Though Roberto-a young artist-struggles to put bread on his table, he believes that he will soon achieve wealth and fame by creating beautiful scenes with his paintbrush. Roberto refuses to paint images of the poor village children or Old Stefano and his donkey. One day, a cobbler lends the artist a pair of sandals to wear while he mends Roberto's shoes. The cobbler then whispers: "There are some who say that if you wear another man's shoes, you will see the world with his eyes and feel it with his heart." When Roberto returns to his village, he suddenly perceives the splendor in everyday life and begins to paint with inspiration. Illustrations reminiscent of works from the Renaissance complement this story that reminds us all of our own inner greatness.

My thoughts:

I read this to Rebecca one night before she went to bed. She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! She said that her favorite part was when the man watched a little boy help his crippled friend play in the stream. And she absolutely loved the pictures!

As for me, I loved that the story had a good moral to it. It made me think about how I have been acting and if I was viewing the world in the right way. I thought the illustrations in the book were breath-taking.

This will definitely be added to our home library and will become a must read many times!

I also loved the fact that this book inspired Rebecca to paint her own pair of sandals. Here is a bonus: a picture of the sandals picture that Rebecca painted the next day.

Have you read any good books to your children lately? Do you have a favorite children's book?


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