2 Skeletons and a Witch

Since I was too tired last night to upload my trick or treating pictures, I thought I would share a few with you today....

My little skeleton Jacob---
He did not want to put his costume on, but finally I was able to do it.
He did SO well going up to eat house and saying "trick or treat" and "thank you."
This was his first year really trick-or-treating and he had a BLAST!
My littlest skeleton Benjamin---
These are actually baby pjs that he had on over his sweatpants.
It was cold and rainy but he stayed bundled up in the stroller under the blanket.
This was his first Halloween!  
My little witch Rebecca.
She got her face painted green at school by a family friend, Miss Maggie. 
She had SO much fun! (and I loved that her costume only cost me $4 total at Goodwill!)

My Decked out kiddos. I love Jacob's expression in this picture. He is like "what the....?" LOL

Aren't they just the cutest skeletons and witch you have ever seen??


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