4 Weeks to a More Organized Home---Day 5

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I am following along with Money Saving Mom on her "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home (Simplified)" series!

Basically each day (minus the week of Thanksgiving, starting Nov 5) she will post an assignment to help you get more organized that should only take 30 minutes or less to complete.

I have been thinking about doing a major declutter and organization of our home before Christmas so this is coming at the right time!

Today is day 5.

Today's assignment and how I did:

::Get dressed in something that makes you feel great

Today's outfit of choice: jeans, long sleeve black t-shirt, long black sweater and black shoes.

::Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, refer to your list of weekly goals, and make a list of no more than 5-7 specific things you want to accomplish today.

My goals for today:
  • Parent- Teacher conference
  • Deliver snack stuff to school
  • Lunch date with Billl
  • pick up books from library

::Set the timer for 10 minutes and remove your couch cushions and clean out any crumbs, toys, or other miscellaneous items you find. Use an attachment on your vacuum to vacuum the cushions, underneath the cushions, and all crevices of your furniture. Spot clean the fabric, if needed.

It wasn't too bad. There were a couple of small toys but that was about it under the couch cushions. I did take the covers off the couch cushions and they are currently in the washing machine. Benjamin apparently had a blow out in his diaper while our friend was babysitting them this afternoon for us, so I had to spray and wash the covers. (That is life with a kid in diapers though!)


::Set the timer for at least 15 minutes and do something you really enjoy and that relaxes and rejuvenates you. If you need ideas, here are a few: read, write, call a friend, pray, exercise, bake, play with your children, laugh with your husband, stop by the bookstore and browse the book selection, work in the garden, or take a nap! Take some time to just stop and enjoy life today!

Today Bill and I had to go to my daughter's school for a parent-teacher conference. It was good. We also took the opportunity to have a friend babysit the kids during this and we went out to lunch at our local Mexican restaraunt BY OURSELVES!!! This is something that we haven't done since before Benjamin was born (he is 7 months old!). It was so nice to enjoy adult conversation and enjoy yummy food! Then we went to the library and spent a little bit of time browsing. I feel so good right now and refreshed and am ready to get back into housecleaning and other responsibilities!

It feels so good to get little stuff like this done each day! I am so enjoying this series!

Are you working on organizing and cleaning your home? How are you doing?


  1. I'm enjoying this series, too! :) I'm glad you were able to get time away and that it left you feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into the everyday things.

  2. So glad to hear about your date! Those can be very few and far-between with little ones!


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