Today's post brought to you by the letter B

Today's post is brought to you by the in BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!!!!!

That describes my life over the last week or so. Work has been crazy busy. Thanksgiving was BUSY (especially because I had to cook the bird!) (more on that later). We had Rebecca's birthday luncheon on Saturday (more on that later). Bill was sick Friday-Sunday. Back to work yesterday. Baking cupcakes this morning before work, so I can decorate them after work for Rebecca to take to school tomorrow for her actual birthday. Trying to get some Christmas shopping done without going bankrupt. Posting baby items to sell on eBay.....the list goes on and on....I have many posts in my head---real life, some book reviews, and a cool product review and giveaway! Now just have to find the time to do it and to live my crazy busy life!

Here is to another BUSY day!


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