Collin Raye in Concert

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to go see Collin Raye in concert with my mom. He was performing in the town that I live in at a theater that was less than a mile from my house J Typically we have to drive to Columbus or farther to see any good concerts. But not Saturday night.

We were given free tickets to go through the school that both my mom and I work at. (If we would have had to bought tickets, they were only $25 a piece which is still quite low for a concert).

He performed with only two backup musicians (a pianoist and a violinist). Let me tell you….the concert was AWESOME!!!

My mom and I actually saw him in concert about 10 years ago or so and he is still great. His songs are amazing! I had a great time with my mom too! It was a great night!

Have you been to any great concerts lately?


  1. I haven't been to a concert in ages, but I am happy that you got to go to one. I really like Collin Raye and I am glad to see he is still preforming!

    1. He has been performing live shows of some sort for over 20 years! That is what I would call a success. :)


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