Toy bins as Tents

The other day I had to laugh at my kiddos as they were pretending to have a campout in our living room using their cloth toy bins as their “tents.” Rebecca and Jacob would put a pillow in the bin, lay down on the pillow, their head in the “tent” and then cover up with one of the throw blankets.

Then they would get up, take their tent go look for wild animals and "pitch" their tents in a different location in our house. They also would read bedtime stories in their tents.

At one point Rebecca even had a guard dog on top of her tent to keep out the animals.

It was too funny!

Do your kids ever play make believe with something for hours on end?


  1. Oh, kids with their imagination. They absolutely don't need the latest toys to be happy, just whatever you already have at home :)

  2. lol!! Kids are great! Ours do all this stuff too.. they especially LOVE big cardboard boxes from appliances, etc... lol! Those can keep them busy FOREVER!!


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