This little man.....

This little man, who turns 9 months old today, cried for 40 minutes in his crib last night before he went to sleep.

Yes Mommy and Daddy were being meanies and were making him sleep in his crib.

This little man does not like to nap during the day; he will sleep if you hold him, but lay him down and he is awake within seconds.

Last night, he fell asleep drinking his bottle and I then put him to bed. 10 minutes later he woke up crying. Daddy went and got him and brought him back downstairs because he appeared to be wide awake and ready to play. Around 11 he kept rubbing his eyes and he was exhausted.  We decided he had to go back to bed.

So we put him to bed and he screamed and cried and cried for 40 minutes before he went to sleep for the night. Thankfully he did not wake his brother up during this crying fit as they share a room.

I hope it gets easier and he learns to sleep in his crib.


  1. It will get easier but he's pretty, so it will take a couple of days. Good luck! And hugs to you. It does brake Mommy's heart when their babies cry.

  2. Awww... I remember those days. This too shall pass... Stay strong! :)


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