Decluttering the junk drawer and junk shelf

This week, sweet Carla has challenged those of us who are taking part in her January No/Low Spend and Decluttering Challenge, to attack our junk drawers as our mini declutter challenge of the week. Specifically, the challenge says: " Declutter your junk drawer and post before & after photos!! "
For this decluttering assignment I actually decided to not only clean out my junk drawer in my kitchen, but also to clean off 2 shelves next to my computer that are used in the same purpose of the junk drawer.
So here is my before of my kitchen junk drawer:
Here is the after....much better looking. I threw out a bunch of stuff. Took the tools back to the toolbox and found 2 little strainers and a can top to donate!
The stuff that you would stick in a junk drawer...odds and ends from the mail, excess papers, etc. also tend to pile up near our computer, so I also decided to tackle that project as well.
Here is the before of the two shelves:
And the after....I was able to file paid bills, enter the my coke rewards from the caps onto the website and then put the caps in recycling, and organize the rest of it. I actually have a clean shelf!
Feels good to have a little bit of something organized this week. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to put in at least an hour on the main closet/room I am decluttering this month!


  1. Awesome job!!! Wanna come and do mine now? I'm afraid to even take "before" photos... haha!!


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