Decluttering the Video/Game closet

One of Carla's mini decluttering challenges over the last week was :Decluttering Goal Week One: What "thing" clutters up your home the most? Is it clothes? Toys? Books/magazines? Kitchen Stuff? Knick-Knacks? Find a way to get rid of some of these items! Be sure to snap a pic of your declutter!
In our house it is "STUFF", videos, books, extra stuff.....just I decided to start on a small project and declutter some of the stuff.
My project was the closet that I believe is supposed to be used as a pantry but is not in the kitchen so we use it for storage. It is off the downstairs half bath.
We keep our board games, playdoh toys, puzzles, VHS, craft stuff and miscellaneous stuff in there. It was a disaster! You could not open the door without fearing "STUFF" would fall out on you.
(this was after I took out an art easel, and 2 bags of stuff that had been shoved in there) 
 On the shelves on the right, there were VHS tapes, kids TV show DVDs,  old video game systems, craft stuff and other stuff. The shelf in the middle held more VHS tapes. On the left were all of our puzzles and games and yoga mats all just piled on top of each other.
After about 45 minutes of getting everything out and organizing and getting a shelf that was up in the closet/room that I am hoping to do a deep declutter on this month, I was able to get everything organized and looking lovely!
Much better! The shelf unit has all the VHS and DVDs we are keeping. The bottom bin also has all the playdoh stuff. The shelves on the right have all of our games on the first 3 shelves, kids craft stuff on the next 2 shelves and the bottom has puzzles and crayon maker that we don't access very often.
In all total I got rid of about half of the VHS. The yoga mats went into our basement, along with the little shelf where it will get use in hubby's man room. I threw out a few games that were missing pieces and some of the craft stuff that was old and unusable. I am proud of how it looks and hopefully this will give us more quality family time since we can find what we need, when we need it.
Have you done any decluttering? 


  1. Wow - that looks great! I've done some declutteirng, but no pictures yet. Blogger is not cooperating with the photo upload at the moment.

    Everything looks very organized!

    1. Yeah I usually upload straight from my computer to blogger but the last couple days I have only been able to upload if I go through Picasa to blogger.

  2. Wow... Awesome job!!! :) I'll be posting more decluttering photos tomorrow along with a link up! Keep up the great work!!

    1. That looks really nice and the kids can view whatever DVD they want to watch. Somehow they know the ends and what DVD it is without reading! I must tackle our cabinet as well. February list I guess. Our VHS player broke in December. Might as well reduce the VHS tapes as well. You have a beautiful blog. Coming over from Carla's challenge. Farmgirl


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