My new haircut

A week ago last Thursday, I went to my mom's hair stylist to get a new look. I have had the same look for the last few years. Straight hair cut at the shoulders or just below that I usually wear pulled back into what I am calling the "Mom bun." Well, I was complaining about it to my mom and how I needed to change it up but I wasn't sure who to go to or even what look I was looking for. Well, she called me and said she had made an appointment with her hairstylist, Natalie, for last Thursday. I went to the appointment with fear of bangs, getting my hair dyed dark and just hating it, but also with the understanding that it was just hair and I needed to change it up.

This was before, not washed, just brushed out.
Well, let me tell you...Natalie was AWESOME! She gave me some great ideas and we decided to cut it shorter in the back, longer in the front, with layers and highlights.

highlights going in. Inside I am terrified.

I was terrified when she started putting the highlights in as I have never colored my hair at all. But I was worried for no reason. 

Leaving the salon.
I absolutely LOVE my new hair!

A week later. Sitting outside watching my kids play.
Yes it takes longer to do in the morning as I have to straighten it, but it is so worth it. (And as a bonus, it is still just long enough to wear back in a short ponytail when I am exercising/ walking!) Now I am wondering why it took me so long to get it done. I have no regrets. 


  1. Good for you! Enjoy your new 'do! Looks sharp. : )

  2. Very cute and perfect for summer!!

  3. I love the new cut, looks great on you!

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