Recent Outdoor Activities-- Horses, Festivals, Walks, OH MY

The last few weeks we have had some pretty decent weather. We had some gorgeous sunny days and very few rainy days. (These days have been a different story...the past few days have been colder and rainy/drizzly). While the weather was great, we have had the opportunity to do several things outside.

Rebecca and I attended a horse camp for the day with her current American Heritage Girls troop. The camp was taught by a good friend of mine. The girls learned all the basics of taking care of a horse and they also got to ride 3 different ones. Rebecca learned a lot of information and had a great time riding Snow, Cocoa and Sabre.

Softball season started. While Rebecca was practicing, I made the boys walk with me on a recently completed bike bath at the park where Rebecca plays. We walked next to the River and just enjoyed talking and looking at the river and seeing if we could see any animals. There were days we saw a duck and then a day where we saw at least 10 different butterflies. The boys have also enjoyed playing on the playgrounds and digging in the dirt piles while Rebecca is practicing.

Rebecca is loving softball again. She doesn't have the best coaches this time around, but we are making due. She enjoys being on the field and playing with the other girls. 

We also took a walk as a family one night on the Kokosing Gap Trail. The kids love walking the trail and it was just nice to decompress and spend time as a family. 

The weekend before Earth Day, Kenyon College held a FREE Earth Day Festival that we attended. There were booths set up for the kids and they learned about composting, fishing, recycling, and many other things. There were 4-H animals to pet and the kids had a great time! We will definitely be adding this to our things to do each year. 

We have also just been spending time outside at home playing as well. I bought the kids some new outside balls-- a huge one for each of them and a smaller one for them as well. They LOVE the balls and have so much fun with them.

We are also walking to and from school whenever we can and are just trying to enjoy the wonderful outdoors that God has given us. I am trying to be more conscious of getting the kids outside as it benefits both them and me! 

What is your favorite activity to do outside with kids? 


  1. Sounds like a nice outdoor type of week!
    My kids are grown now and about the only time we are together outside is if they come to the lake place (rarely) or if we are dining al fresco (also rarely).
    2 of my sons live on opposite coasts and one is in town, but it is temporary. My absolute favorite outdoor activity is reading on the deck with a cup of coffee in hand!


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