What's for dinner this week??

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. I know that I did. I will recap it later this week. It was fun, relaxing and I was surrounded by my favorite people in the world. What more could a girl ask for? In fact it was a pretty great weekend all around, just what this girl needed. 

Now we are on to another week and this week looks to be rainy/stormy most of the week. We have several outdoor things planned, so I hope they don't get rained out. We will have to see. I made my menu plan so that if something does get rained out then I have a better back up choice for dinner. 

Before we talk about this coming week, this is how I did last week::   

MONDAY::: Meatloaf, mashed potates and gravy, green beans--YEP

TUESDAY::: Italian sausage and peppers skillet with pasta--YEP

WEDNESDAY::: French bread pizzas and fruit--YEP

THURSDAY::: Tacos and corn--YEP

FRIDAY::: Sandwiches, fruit and chips--YEP

SATURDAY::: Spaghetti and meatballs--YEP

SUNDAY::: I don't know, except I am NOT cooking! LOL-- YEP. We ended up going to my mom's house for a cookout. 

So last week went pretty much according to plan. I LOVE when a week goes like that! We shall see if Mother Nature plays nice this week or if this week will be crazy. Either way, I have a plan...So here is what I am planning this week: 

MONDAY:: Lasagna (as it is cold and rainy here!)

TUESDAY:: eggs, toast and fruit, OR hamburger helper
WEDNESDAY:: BBQ pork sandwiches, corn, apple slices

THURSDAY:: Sandwiches, fruit and chips OR chicken in a bag, green beans and carrots

FRIDAY:: Pizza and fruit

Saturday:: Smoked sausage, macaroni and cheese, green beans

Sunday:: Teriyaki Salmon, asparagus, green beans and rice   

So that is what is getting fixed at my house. I love having a menu plan and knowing in advance what we are going to be eating. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!      


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