What's for dinner this week and it was a relaxing Sunday!

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words on my haircut! I do really like it :) 

Yesterday we had to get up early as there was some confusion as to which Mass we needed to be at with the kids to celebrate their last day of PSR (Parish School of Religion-- kind of like Sunday School for those kids who don't go to a Catholic school.) At one point we were told to be at the 8am mass, so I thought we had to be there. So Rebecca, Jacob and I were up and attended the mass and then the May crowning and showcase of what the kids had done throughout the year. 

Jacob's class sang 2 songs...including "This Little Light of Mine." It was so cute, and Jacob had the loudest voice. 

Rebecca's class showed off their Sacrament books that they had spent the year making. 

When we got home from that, I decided that the boys needed to get outside as they were WILD. It has been raining off and on the past few days so it was too muddy to go play in the yard or at the park...BUT we could go walk on the Kokosing Gap Trail. 

We enjoyed a lovely family walk. The temperature did spike and the humidity arose but it was still not too bad. We saw lots of cardinals and a bluejay. We saw some lovely spring wildflowers. We even got to see a goose laying on her nest under a bridge. We ended up walking a total of 3 miles! The kids were troopers-- with only Rebecca complaining toward the end that she was tired. 

When then stopped at McDonald's for lunch. When we got home, I did some straightening up and worked on laundry, while some thunderstorms rolled through. Overall, Sunday was a relaxing day. Just what I needed as last week was busy and this week looks to be busy as well. 

Speaking of this week, I am still making a menu plan. But first let me see know I did last week: 

MONDAY::: Chicken and turkey enchiladas, corn cake, and strawberries and cantaloupe-- We ended up having turkey enchiladas, as the chicken didn't smell good when I thawed it out.
TUESDAY:: Sloppy joes (made with ground turkey), green beans, corn-Yes
WEDNESDAY::: Spaghetti with crockpot sauce (new recipe for low sodium sauce)--We had breakfast for dinner this night. Eggs, toast and fruit
THURSDAY::: Breakfast for dinner-- scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, fruit--I made the crockpot spaghetti sauce and it was not good at all. So we ended up getting subs from a local pizza place.
FRIDAY::: Sandwiches, chips, fruit--Yep
SATURDAY::: homemade mini pizzas and salad--We had homemade pizzas and fruit
SUNDAY::: meatloaf, ??? side dishes--Nope. I ended up making fish and veggies.

So last week went pretty well, with only a new recipe being bad that was a negative and I ended up not making meatloaf on Sunday. Hopefully this week will be more of the same! This week, this is what we will be eating: 

MONDAY::: Meatloaf, mashed potates and gravy, green beans

TUESDAY::: Italian sausage and peppers skillet with pasta

WEDNESDAY::: French bread pizzas and fruit

THURSDAY::: Tacos and corn

FRIDAY::: Sandwiches, fruit and chips

SATURDAY::: Spaghetti and meatballs

SUNDAY::: I don't know, except I am NOT cooking! LOL

Hope everyone has a great week! 
What's cooking at your house? 


  1. looks like you had a good week. Would you mind sharing your sausage n peppers recipe? tia! Carol in CT

    1. Carol, I will post it later in the week :)

  2. I think every week should have a cook-free day in it. And a leftover day:)

    1. I agree with the cook-free day. Usually, my hubby eats the leftovers for lunch so there usually isn't enough left for dinner :)

  3. I am just going to read Jane's post and type ditto.

    1. I actually don't mind cooking all that much so there is rarely a cook-free day here. But with Sunday being Mother's Day I am not going to cook! I have already warned Bill and the kids. LOL


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