Weeds be gone!

On Saturday afternoon,(after we had walked on the Kokosing and seen 14 frogs!) I had to run to Kroger to get some pasta salad mix to make for Mother's Day cookout at my mom's house on Sunday. (My dad and brother love one particular brand of pasta salad that I make!). While I was there, my brother Joe called and wanted to know where I was. He said he was at my house.

Well, earlier I was talking to my mom on the phone and he was at her house and I was teasing that he should come over and clean out my flower beds for me so that I could mulch them. I was just joking... well apparently he thought I was serious. 

He came over and dug out the flower beds that line the driveway. There were overgrown with weeds, flowers and some bush that was planted right next to the side step. He took everything out and then covered it with cardboard that we had in the garage and then mulched it for me. Last year we tried to plant flowers in that area, but it is not good for flowers because it doesn't get a ton of sun and it is in a bad area. Also I have a hard time keeping most plants alive! 

He ended up with a little bit of leftover mulch, so he dug out another bush that was planted by our backdoor steps and then dug out all the grass/weeds in a rectangle area there and mulched it so that I could put the kids' water table in the middle of it.

It looks SO MUCH better! And hopefully I will be able to keep it looking like that. 


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