Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day and More Rain

Saturday the kids and I took Bill out to a late lunch to celebrate Father's Day. He LOVES Roosters restaurant, however it is about a 45 minute drive from our house so we only go for special occasions. We took him out for wings and he really loved it. The food was fantastic and it made me wish that there was one closer. 

Then we popped into an "Ollie's" store. If you follow Sluggy's blog you know that she shops there frequently. Rebecca, Ben and Bill all found a book that they wanted. Jacob got a game, and I bought 3 boxes of cocoa krispies treats for $1.59 (regular price at the grocery story is $2.49 or higher). Then we stopped by my parent's house as we pass by on our way home. When we got there only my mom and niece and nephew were home as my sister, dad and brother were on their way home from the Pride parade in Columbus. Then we headed home before the heavy rains hit. And hit it did. It poured off and on all night. There has been flooding over some roads. 

When the kids and I went to church on Sunday morning it was like a monsoon outside. When we got home from church, we woke Bill up with donuts and presents.  The kids and I got him the "Captain Marvel" blu-ray, 2 pairs of gym shorts and Jacob had made him a joke book. And of course we took him out to lunch the day before. (As I was typing this up, I realized that I didn't take one picture of Bill at all this weekend. Oops.- He was there and he said that he had a nice weekend.) 

In the afternoon, we were supposed to have a cookout at my parents' house for Father's Day. We decided that no matter the weather we were going to have it. Well Mother Nature must have a soft spot for dads, because skies cleared at my parents' home around 1:30 and it was perfect to cookout and eat outside. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and all of my siblings were there for my dad. Rebecca made my dad a tool belt out of duct tape (my dad owns his own construction business-- he frames houses). The boys painted birdhouses for my dad. 

As we were heading home, it was starting to cloud up and pour down rain again. It has been raining off and on since then. The river is really high and we are under flood warnings. 

Today, the boys were excited because this starts their week long quest camps. Jacob is taking a "Kitchen Scientist" quest and Benjamin is taking a "Weather" quest. They both had a blast this morning and are looking forward to going back tomorrow. 

Right now, I am taking a break from cleaning house. Since we were in and out all weekend, the house didn't really get cleaned like it needed. I have laundry going and have swept the entire downstairs, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. The kids are watching "Ralph Breaks the Internet" on Netflix as it is raining again. Sigh. What are you going to do? I think this sign that was on the Catholic Cathedral's message board in Columbus sums it up perfectly: 

If that didn't get the message across maybe this meme will: 

I truly hope wherever you are you are having decent weather and a good day! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day weekend minus all the rain. Hope the rain lets up for you all very soon.

    1. It has been raining off and on all week. But I think tomorrow and some of the weekend is supposed to be dry so fingers crossed!

  2. I’m in Missouri an we’ve had rain and flooding for weeks and it’s not going away soon. We got more rain today! So tired of it.

  3. The predictions of 40% and more of rain where I live in Alabama are not holding up. The rain is going all around me. I am not sad. It sounds like a great FD weekend at your house.

    1. It was a good weekend. If only I could send some rain down your way I would. We have had way too much and no sign of it letting up. :(

  4. I remember fondly and miss the fathers day celebrations in town for my father or a the lake for my husbands. Cherish those opportunities-it sounds lovely.


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