Busy day today

Today was a whirlwind of a day...I was supposed to go into work for a meeting, but I rescheduled it for tomorrow. I spent the morning working from home, getting paperwork together and printed for student loan stuff, books packed up to be mailed, checkbook balanced and rent paid, paperwork found for KCJFS, laundry started...as well as kids fed breakfast, and Benjamin fed several times. After lunch, I got Rebecca off to school, Bill off to the post office and KCJFS, and then I speed cleaned house as my in-laws were coming over to visit. They showed up half an hour early, but luckily I had just finished cleaning up! We had an early dinner with them, then Bill had to rush off to work and I fed Benjamin, folded laundry, got kids in the bathtub and in bed. Now I am taking a short break to work online and then it will be time to feed Ben again and hopefully he will go to sleep for a while. I am tired. I have a meeting tomorrow at work and I am not prepared at all. Today was just a BUSY day and I am tired. But it does feel nice to have some of the things done today that I got done.


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