Started back to work

This past week has been another milestone for me personally.

 Benjamin turned 3 weeks old on Monday.

On Monday I also began to do some work from home. (For anyone who doesn't know, I am team leader at an after school care program. I help to run a program that includes snack time, homework time, activities for grades K-8 whose parents need afterschool care for their children.) I am SLOWLY easing my way back into work. I did some billing stuff from home. On Thursday I had a meeting with my boss to discuss registrations for next year. Today I went snack shopping for the school and dropped it off. This weekend I have plans to work on registrations that have come in for next year, entering them into the computer system and adding the new registrations from the new families. Next week I will also have a meeting, do billing and do snack shopping. I am planning on going back to work in the building in 2 weeks part time.

This is amazing to me because this is a sign that I am recovering MUCH faster and better than my previous c-section (Jacob's birth). With Jacob, I had a HORRIBLE recovery! I ended up getting an infection in my incision, I had horrible pain management, etc. It was AWFUL!

Honestly, with my recovery from my c-section with Benjamin I feel GREAT! I am in no pain. My incision healed wonderfully. I have energy. I have already lost some weight (35 lbs in 3 weeks). I feel good. Today when I dropped snack stuff off and picked Rebecca up from school, I ran into one of the moms there and she couldn't believe how good I looked and how healthy I looked.

I have to keep telling my boss that I am okay with doing work now, even though it hasn't been 6 weeks yet. I am doing great. I think part of it is that I had such a rough last 2 months of being pregnant that I am now just feeling normal.

So that is where I am right now. I am slowly working my way back into working. I am happy. I feel great!


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