To do list....for before I have my c-section tomorrow!

I have a HUGE to do list for today....because I am getting ready to have the baby...I am scheduled for a c-section TOMORROW!!!! AGHHHH!!!! Needless to say I am getting really I am trying to focus on what needs to be done.

So here is what I hope to accomplish today (with the help of Dear Hubby of course!):
  • Finish all laundry (wash, dry and put away)
  • Put crib together in the boys' room (I just want to have this done before baby comes)
  • Pack kids' overnight bags (they will be staying with my parents while I am in the hospital)
  • Double check contents of packed hospital bag
  • Take kids to Mom and Dad's house
  • Empty trash out of bathrooms and take trash to garage.
  • Have all dishes done and put away before bed tonight
  • Charge my phone
  • make sure camera is in purse
  • clean up Jacob's room
  • Pack diaper bag with essentials for mom
I think that does it. I am sure there is more I am forgetting but I am just thinking of what HAS to be done in my eyes. I am also hoping to get some blog posts ready for next week, but we will have to see. If you see some then you will know I did these. If you don't see any for a few days, then I didn't get to them.

Hope everyone has a productive day!


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