Sunday Updates

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I have given birth to Benjamin? Time flies when you are sleep-deprived and trying to survive I suppose. I feel like I have neglected a few parts of my life, including this blog. I think I have finally gotten caught up in some areas of my life, but there are other areas that I have definitely been slacking on. My hope is that this week I will be completely caught up (a woman can dream can't she?).

So what have I caught up on?......
  • I was able to get out checkbook caught up and balanced
  • I have been able to get the laundry caught up
  • I have felt great physically
  • I took Benjamin to my work to meet the staff and kiddos
  • I got all of our bills paid up
  • Rebecca's school registration papers filled out for next year and turned in
  • 3 book reviews (books have been read, just need to post reviews)
  • thank you cards for baby gifts
  • grocery list and coupon matches
I still need to:
-put laundry away (4 baskets full to put away)
-Call and have Ben added to insurance (this will be done Monday)
-look into paperwork for KCJFS
-banking needs to be done
-menu plan for the week
-figure out what summer clothes Jacob needs
-get Rebecca new tennis shoes

I have also slowly began working my way back into the swing of work. I have started doing a little bit of work from home and I have plans to go back to work in about 2.5 weeks. I feel like I need to do this for me. I find that I am a much better mommy when I am doing something for me and then coming back home to the kiddos.

Well I need to go feed Benjamin and then get the rest of the day started. I hopefully will be back with Sunday Night chit-chat tonight!

Have a great Sunday!


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