31 days to a clutter free life....how I ended....

October 1st, I announced that I was taking part in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge over at Living Well Spending Less. While I wasn't able to blog about it everyday, I did try to keep up with it.
I did really well on the first couple weeks...then life happened (had doctor's appointments for Benjamin and had some issues with Jacob) and while I didn't get to do as much decluttering as I would have liked I did manage to get rid of quite a bit of stuff. 

We took 2 full van loads to goodwill and got stuff out of the house. The house feels much lighter. I am sorry that I didn't update before now...but that is just how life is sometimes.....I am glad that I took on the challenge because I definitely have less stuff to deal with now than when I started. 


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