I made a sign for Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, I took down all of our Halloween decorations on our fireplace mantel, and I wanted to replace it with something that was for Thanksgiving. I had a turkey gravy bowl and salt and pepper shakers to put on it, but it needed something else.

Earlier last week I stopped at the Dollar Tree, and I was disappointed that they had NO Thanksgiving decorations;  not even paper turkeys. They skipped right over Thanksgiving and headed to Christmas.

I then went to Pat Catan's, which is the craft store that we have in our town. They only had one little shelf of Thanksgiving things, but I was able to get a cute pilgrim set and a matching turkey to go with it.

When I put them on the mantel, it was still missing something :(

So I decided to browse on Pinterest to see if I could have any inspiration. I found a lot of ideas, but I kept coming back to this idea....

So I decided to take that as my inspiration and headed back out to Pat Catan's to get some supplies. Mainly I needed the wood block, as I had lots of fall color acrylic paints already and modge podge to seal it.

I ended up buying a pack of blocks that had 5 blocks in it, a pack of leaf stickers and a stencil to use for the letters.

And here is what I ended up making:

I cannot tell you how much I love it! I think it turned out really great, and it is a great final touch to the mantel. It finishes it off nicely. And I might do a different holiday on the back so that I can reuse the blocks for a different holiday. Probably not Christmas, but maybe Valentine's Day or Easter.....

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?


  1. Rachel, your sign is beautiful! Nice work! I did see a little of Thanksgiving decorations at Dollar Tree, amongst the Halloween stuff. You are right, I was just at DT yesterday-they are full on into Christmas!

    1. Thank you! It was funny, I ran into Dollar Tree this morning to get light bulbs and they had a whole end cap of Thanksgiving stuff... nothing that would work for a mantel, but more for a table decorations (tablecloth, placemats, etc.)


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