Bronchitis and a get well card

Tuesday night, while at work, I got a text from Bill saying he wasn't going to be coming to meet me at a Reconciliation meeting that we were supposed to attend for Rebecca because Jacob had just thrown up all over himself. And he had a fever....just lovely.

Well Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, Jacob threw up a few more times and had a fever. I decided to treat the fever with Motrin/ Tylenol piggy back....That night, Jacob stayed downstairs on the love seat and I was on the couch to keep an eye on him and help him.

Wednesday, I was able to keep his fever down to around 100.0 degrees, and he did not throw up at all. He had absolutely no energy and laid around all day long.

Wednesday night, we again slept downstairs and I noticed the Jacob was developing a very deep sounding cough....

This morning, Jacob woke up at 6:30 am and starting crying for his dada. I took his temperature and it was 103.7. Bill left to run to work to tell them that he had to help take Jacob to the ER, and in the meantime I got Jacob dressed and then had to get Rebecca and Benjamin up so that I could take Rebecca to school.

The diagnosis at the ER....bronchitis. Apparently Jacob is susceptible as he had pneumonia last year and that makes him more likely to have lung infections. Just great. They gave him a breathing treatment at the ER, and prescribed him an antibiotic.

I gave him the antibiotic this afternoon and we have been piggy backing the Motrin/Tylenol. About an hour ago, Jacob got up and started moving around and actually asked for dinner. He ate 3 pieces of pizza and some fruit. I hope this means that the antibiotic has started working and we are on the rebound. I am hoping that tonight Jacob can sleep in his own bed, and I can actually sleep in mine.

On a more positive note, when Rebecca came home from school today she had a surprise for her brother...a get well card she made in school. It was the sweetest gesture.

I just have to say I hate when my kids are sick! And I hope that no one else in my house gets sick!


  1. Hope Jacob is really on the mend now. You must be very tired :( The year I was in teacher's college Kazi was 1 year old - we traded bronchitis back and forth almost the entire year!

    1. I hope he is on the mend too.... I am very, very tired. I am hoping that no one else gets it in our house, although it seems like every year there is someone sick around Rebecca's birthday which is next week. I used to get bronchitis every winter when I was teaching full time. Not a fun thing to have.

  2. Poor thing! :( Mya is the same way so I try Sooo hard to keep her healthy & away from anyone with so much as a sniffle. But it's hard... Hope Jacob is feeling better soon!


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