Strange Thanksgiving

This is the year of the strange Thanksgiving. It started out normal then went strange.

Thursday morning we woke up and just kind of relaxed and didn't do much of anything. I did decorate 2 birthday cakes for our Thanksgiving dinner celebration, but other than that not much.

birthday cakes as requested-- Rebecca wanted Spongebob, my niece wanted Pokemon
Then around 2 o'clock, I noticed that Benjamin was looking too good and he felt really hot. So I took his temperature and of course he had a fever. Decided that Bill and Benjamin would stay home and that I would take Rebecca and Jacob to Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house at 4.

dinner was buffet style and yummy

my nephew

Thanksgiving dinner was nice, although strange since Bill and Ben weren't there. But, my sister was home from college and my nephew was there. For reasons that I will not go into here, my nephew is in foster care and his parents (my brother and sister-in-law) were granted a visitation day where they could bring him to my parents house. He was looking really good.

Me, my brothers and sister

After dinner, we celebrated my niece and Rebecca's birthdays as my niece's was Tuesday and Rebecca's would be on Friday. Rebecca told me that all she really wanted for her birthday was a unicorn stretckin and my mom and dad bought her one. She also got lots of arts and crafts stuff which she loves.

Happy birthday girls!

present time

She was SO HAPPY to get this! 

Rebecca and her unicorn stetchkin

When we went to leave, it was snowing pretty hard and since I HATE driving in the dark and I get panic attacks when driving in snow, it was an interesting drive home. But we made it in one piece! When we got home, I was showing Bill the pictures that I had taken and Benjamin saw the camera and he started yelling "Cheese. Cheese" so I HAD to take his picture. LOL

The "still smiles when he is sick" Benjamin

So, that was our Thanksgiving day...just weird as we had to divide and conquer.....


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