farmer's market, zucchini bread and urologists

This past weekend, Rebecca and I were able to make a trek to our town's farmer's market on the square that is held every Saturday morning from May to October. We have not gone all summer due to scheduling conflicts and other commitments. Rebecca has been asking to go the last couple of weeks, and I was finally able to make it happen. 

We were able to get a dozen ears of sweet corn (which when we cooked them that night, did not taste all that good....), a small box of tomatoes, a box of cherry tomatoes, several small cucumbers (as they looked a whole lot better than the regular size cukes), 2 zucchini, and green beans. Yummy! 

Once home, I took the 2 zucchinis and set out making zucchini bread, per my mom's request. I make her some every year. I don't know what happened to this batch, but it did not rise like normal and the batter was thicker than normal. It looks funky but it still tastes really good! 

Saturday night, we went out to my parent's house and treated them to dinner. I took over burgers and brats to cook on their grill (as we don't have a grill), baked beans, the sweet corn, mandarin orange and blueberry fruit salad, cookies and mini eclairs that I picked up at Aldi's, and of course the zucchini bread for my mom. We had a blast at my parents house and in fact the kids stayed up after midnight as Bill and I got into a very serious and hilarious game of 500 Rummy with my dad, mom and my sister! The kids have been talking about getting to stay up until midnight and that it was so cool! 

Today, I had to go see my urologist for an x-ray and follow up from my kidney stone attack back in February. Thankfully, there was NOTHING on my x-ray at all and so I don't have to go back for a year! Yahoo! He did yell because I wasn't doing very well on my diet and drinking clear fluids---I have gotten back into the bad habit of drinking cola with caffiene. I need to come up a plan to remedy that....




  1. What wa the problem with the corn? When you were selecting it, did you pull back the husks and try piercing a kernel to see that it was fresh? Disappointing, sorry. Is there any leftover? If so, I,d make a corn bread type casserole out of it.

    1. I am not sure what the problem was....I did pull back the husks, etc. when I bought them. They just tasted off, they almost had a slight bitter taste to them. At least the ear that I tried to eat did. My dad said they were tasteless. Rebecca said hers was fine. Not sure... We threw the leftovers into the woods behind my parents house for the forest animals.

  2. The veggies look beautiful! And I am glad to hear your appointment went well! I also drink way too much soda, such a difficult habit to break.

  3. What about fizzy water that comes in a lot of different flavours? That might satisfy your need as they are carbonated. Worth a try.

  4. When i kicked the soda habit, the only way to do it was to just not buy it at all. Water was more appealing when it was the only choice :-)


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