Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho Off to the Fair we went....

Last week, our county held their county fair. We take the kids every year, usually during the afternoon, when it isn't so crowded.

This year, we went on Monday afternoon. The kids loved all the animals. We did miss seeing all the birds (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, etc.) though. All of the fairs in Ohio have banned displaying live birds this year due to the risk of avian flu. I feel bad for the 4-H kids that were affected, but will say that our fair allowed the kids to make posters and presentations and they really tried to make it special given the difficult circumstances. Benjamin loved all the animals, especially the cows and the goats. 

We walked around and saw the animals. Then we let the kids pick a ride to ride...They all wanted to ride on the train. I wasn't sure how Benjamin would react, but he as so excited to ride a "choo-choo."

The kids got to play 1 game each (at $5 a game that is it for our family!) and they each won a prize so they were happy.  Then we decided to get the kids icees and I got a funnel cake and Bill got an elephant ear. They were yummy as we were eating them, but by the time we got home I felt gross. My body just can't handle all the heat and sugar like I could when I was younger. 

Before we left, we looked at some horses and some farm equipment. Overall, the kids had a blast and it was another family fun day! 

Do you ever go to a fair? 
What is your favorite fair food treat?  


  1. I much prefer the smaller county fairs opposed to the larger ones in the city. I like to watch the contests like "the strongest man/woman" and horse jumping. I would say my favourite fair treat is a caramel apple!

    1. Caramel apples---yumm! We also prefer the smaller county fairs. In fact our state fair is going on this week and we have no desire to go. Most of the action going on in our county fair was the kids showing their animals and then in the evenings they had things like rough truck, demolition derby, harness racing and figure 8 school bus racing.

  2. It's sad to say but I don't feel safe going to the fairs around here anymore. 6 Flags is also on the no go list. We found out from an officer that the gang members were throwing guns over the fences so they could get through the metal detectors. And we only go to the mall during the day.
    I understand how eating something a little naughty makes you feel terrible. I ate doritos the other day and I felt terrible. But now all I can do is think about elephant ears. YUM

    1. Oh no! That is awful! Although I will say I am not surprised. That was one reason we haven't been to the Ohio State Fair in years....to much stuff like that going on. I can't tell you the last time I was in a mall. LOL

  3. We quit going to the fair years ago. I do admit I don't miss it at all, because the kids are grown and neither TheHub or I really like the grime, heat or the fair foods (And that is one of the reasons getting older just sucks)

  4. We went to the county fair every year when we lived in PA when our daughter was little. It was way out in the country and the food was great. We enjoyed the barbecued chicken, roast beef sandwches, fresh off the potato curley fries, down home rice pudding, fresh made ice cream, funnel cake.....not all in one day of course. We usually bought a pass and went a couple of times. We even bought a raffle ticket once for a baby cow. We were afraid we might win, but we didn't. Whew!


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