And now I have a preschooler....

It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to my first I am the mom of a 3rd grader, a kindergartner and NOW a preschooler! 

Today was Benjamin's first day of preschool. He is enrolled in our local school district's preschool program in an integrated classroom. Basically, that is a class where half of the children are on an IEP and the other half are not. Benjamin is on an IEP due to his autism diagnosis. 

I am so excited for what this year will bring for Ben as he has gotten into the habit of copying what others are doing and looking to see what he should be doing. He has started talking more due to this and he has been trying new things because of this. One of the goals in his classroom, is that the children on the IEPs will see what the other children are doing and will take their cues from them. 

When I dropped Benjamin off this morning, I will admit I teared up. I didn't do the full blown crying because I know this is the best step for Ben; and I had Rebecca and Jacob with me, as they don't have to be at school until an hour after Ben starts. When I picked him up he came running down the hall toward me and gave me a big hug and let me pick him up and he snuggled on my shoulder for a minute. It made my heart feel good. His aide and teacher said he had a great first day and that makes me so happy. I hope that his good days continue! 


  1. Benjamin is definitely growing up! The program he is in sounds like just what he needs - being with his peers will be so helpful in the long run. Good job mom!!

  2. Fabulous! Any day that makes your heart feel good and involves hugs, is a good day!


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