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It is that time of year again...Bill is putting in super human hours at work getting ready for fall sports, I am trying to get kids ready for back to school, and life is just one big ball of craziness. This past week has been no exception...

Let's see what the highlights were:

- I had my last week of summer tutoring. Next week I start school year tutoring for my business. Thankfully, I have at least 3 clients lined up, but still need to add some more. 

-finished school shopping for the older 2 kids, still no idea if Ben needs anything. Had to get new shoes for each kid...Rebecca is in a 3, Jacob went up to a 2 and Ben is still in a 13. Rebecca got a new pair of dress shoes, Jacob and Ben both got tennis shoes. 

- figured out softball schedule...next week starts games through the end of September

- I have found a new snack that I like and that I have been buying for the kids. Outshine fruit bars are delicious and they even have little tidbits of fruit in them. 

They are seriously so good! I buy the regular ones for Bill and I and then the Popsicle size for the kids.  Rebecca is thrilled because she gets to have a red Popsicle (She is allergic to red dye #40 which is used to color most red colored items, but since these are all natural there are no worries!). 

- I have made an executive decision to not make 2 dinners at night. In the past, when I am cooking something that I think that only Bill and I would like, I had gotten into the habit of making something else for the kids--like hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, or something else. That is a pain in the behind....last night I instituted the new rule and you know what it made my dinner prep and clean up so much easier. I made sweet and sour chicken with rice and the kids survived eating dinner...Jacob said he liked eating Chinese food... Ben wouldn't touch his dinner, but I didn't give in and he survived. 

-I have a lot of things on my to do list to do and I really don't want to do them....but I should get off of here and get something done...

If anyone is reading this, I hope that you have a great weekend! 


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